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Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Williams, MD, kindly accepts all feedback for the work performed at his cosmetic surgery practice. He is known as one of the finest cosmetic surgeons in the Phoenix and North Scottsdale area. Dr. Williams is highly skilled in plastic surgeries of the body, breast, face, neck, skin, and abdomen. Along with his friendly and multi-talented staff, he also performs skin rejuvenation treatments and beauty enhancements. He is a trusted plastic surgeon to many local celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes and their families, and other plastic surgeons in the U.S. Phoenix Magazine has named him as a “Top Doc,” and the Consumer’s Research Council of America honored him as one of the “Top Plastic Surgeons” in plastic surgery. See how current and former patients have the greatest confidence in his procedures, respect the staff, and recommend this award-winning practice. Please read all the reviews about John Williams, MD Plastic Surgery for yourself.

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Review from C.K.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 19, 2019

I went to Dr. Williams for a dermal filler and Botox injections. He injected my lips and I have been obsessed with the results! For the first time, I'm not self conscious having pictures taken of me due to not being happy with my lips. My sister's have both had Botox injections with him also with amazing results. They recommended him to me. One of my sister's also had a mommy makeover with him after massive weightloss and was featured in a famous book that was just published at Barnes and Nobles with her results. It’s really cool! The procedures with Dr. Williams changed her entire life! It melts my heart seeing her finally post pictures of herself, dressing up for Halloween, doing things she never did before surgery. I plan on going to Dr. Williams for a tummy tuck, monsplasty, and breast augmentation myself ASAP and I can't wait because I’ve been dying to have that for myself too for years. More

Review from A.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 29, 2015

My Best Friends Girl Wanted Botox and Juvederm, I Decided to Join Her - Scottsdale, AZ - Dr. Williams has an honest personality making a guy like me feel at ease and actually excited for the willingness to something like this. Dr. Williams is down to earth, realistic, and encouraging. I see why his female patients are so fond of his sincerity, and I guarantee he's an expert at making men in his care appreciate a professional and caring comfort zone. - - I'm a 55 year old male that has completed a few procedures for "post weight loss" consequences (see my other reviews) when my bestvfriend's girl asked me about Botox. I told her I didn't know much but asked the aesthetician who used to practice in my plastic surgeons office. She told me what she knew, the pros, cons, and cautions. So I found a coupon for Botox and Juvederm at a local spa and of course read all I could on REALSELF. I was at Dr. John Williams office for my one year post op photos and asked him about it all. Not only did he perform Botox regularly, he also said he'd do it a lot less than the coupon price. A few days later I was taking a selfie with an iPad and realized my forehead was falling down between my eyebrows. I decided to join her and try it out.We went to my plastic surgeons office and he explained why it's best to avoid coupon deals at spas, since the active shelf life of the solution is so short.He injected Botox in my middle forehead and filled the labial lines down both sides of my mouth. The needles are so tiny I hardly felt them.5 days later my frown is almost completely gone. I have frowned since I was a kid simply because I went so many years needing eyeglasses and couldn't see clearly so I squinted. I'm a happy guy but frowning is just a habit.It's been three weeks now and I think it's amazing how these products work. Dr. John Williams is the artist who knew where and how much to inject. I think guys should really consider this age erasing procedure. More

Review from A.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Nov 23, 2014

Recovering Alcoholic, Ex-smoker, Sun Exposed Male Yearning to Repair and Arrest Skin Damage. Scottsdale, AZ - The skin care specialist works for Dr. Williams. I was there for consult for Juvederm and Botox and to get the facial with skin care recommendations and advice. - - I really needed advice on skin care. After I quit drinking and smoking I noticed the visible damage to my face, and wanted advice on where to go from here. I made an appointment with my plastic surgeon's aestheticision and underwent a mild peel with a series of serums, Retinol, and moisturizers and a whole lot of education on daily skin care regimens.The session was worth the time and cost. I figured that OTC lotions and potions are not as beneficial as high grade products, but I did learn some cost saving remedies. More

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