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Many men and women desire a rounder, fuller bottom. It is not uncommon for our patients at John Williams, MD Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ to inquire about procedures and treatments for lifting the buttocks' skin. During a butt lift surgery performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon, excess skin is removed and the tissue on this area is lifted and tightened to create a curvaceous, toned appearance. Patients may consider combining surgeries with the butt lift surgery, such as liposuction, thigh lift, or tummy tuck to balance their body's shape and proportions. 

Best Candidates

A surgical butt lift is reserved for patients who have loose, hanging skin on and under the buttock. Weight loss patients are usually great candidates for this procedure because once the weight has been lost, the skin typically does not shrink back to its natural state. This surgery removes this skin and creates a normal appearance.

What to Expect

Butt lift surgery typically consists of incisions made on top of the butt cheeks. During the procedure, any loose or hanging skin will be cut away and the remaining skin will be lifted and pulled securely into a new position. Sutures are used to securely hold the skin in its new position. In some cases, liposuction may be needed to remove existing, unwanted fat pockets. After the healing process, there will be scarring, however, it will not be visible because of the placement of the incisions.

During/After Surgery

Taking approximately 3 hours to fully complete, butt lift surgery is an outpatient procedure generally performed under general anesthesia. There will be bruising and swelling near the incision area and walking will be difficult the first few days after surgery. A full recovery from this surgery usually takes between 3-6 months. With a healthy lifestyle and diet, the surgical results should last a lifetime.

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Average Cost  
$9,000 - $12,000
Recovery Time  
4-6 weeks
Average Procedure Time  
3-4 hours
Post-op Follow-up  
6 months
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A surgical butt lift can create dramatic improvement to the rear-end, especially for weight loss patients seeking to finalize their personal transformation. This surgery creates a tighter butt, a shapelier silhouette, but more importantly, it allows patients to be free to wear the clothes they desire, move about more freely, and exercise without having a saggy butt. For more information on this skin tightening procedure, we invite you to call our plastic surgery office today and schedule your consultation.

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