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Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Williams, MD, kindly accepts all feedback for the work performed at his cosmetic surgery practice. He is known as one of the finest cosmetic surgeons in the Phoenix and North Scottsdale area. Dr. Williams is highly skilled in plastic surgeries of the body, breast, face, neck, skin, and abdomen. Along with his friendly and multi-talented staff, he also performs skin rejuvenation treatments and beauty enhancements. He is a trusted plastic surgeon to many local celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes and their families, and other plastic surgeons in the U.S. Phoenix Magazine has named him as a “Top Doc,” and the Consumer’s Research Council of America honored him as one of the “Top Plastic Surgeons” in plastic surgery. See how current and former patients have the greatest confidence in his procedures, respect the staff, and recommend this award-winning practice. Please read all the reviews about John Williams, MD Plastic Surgery for yourself.

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Review from C.  |  Source: Kudzu  |  Jan 30, 2016

I just met with Dr. Williams for a one year follow up of my first procedure (abdominoplasty) and a consultation on a possible second procedure (buttock lift). Dr. Williams is such a down to earth skilled surgeon who refuses to out-price his work out of the affordable market that I don't need to compare Board Certified plastic surgeons ever again. I am scheduling the second procedure for October, 2013 after meeting with him this week. I have a lot of excess skin on my back waist area that is a result of weight loss and will not "go away" with diet and exercise. Most men don't care how they look or are afraid to even thinking about plastic surgery. 5 minutes with Dr. Williams and the shame is gone and replaced with hope. More

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Review from A.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Oct 07, 2013

Man Boobs Bye Bye - Scottsdale, AZ - For this procedure I did not get any other consultations or opinions. My reason for this being after he performed the abdominoplasty I am completely comfortable and confident with his demeanor, skills, attitude, professionalism, and ethics.His fees are very reasonable, his office staff are comforting.I am completely comfortable with my decision, not even the slightest hint of second thoughts or apprehension. Dr. Williams is THAT good. - - I was at John L. Williams office today for pre-op consult and off the cuff (because I had been reading about Gynecomastia on REAL-SELF) asked about my chest. Even though I work out It is still flabby and not flat. So after a few minutes of examination he said on a scale of 1-10 I am a 3 with breast tissue and would also benefit from lipo of the chest.So we are also doing this procedure since I know I will regret not asking about it and doing something about it later on.When I got fat right at the same time as puberty set in my breasts grew thick and almost pointed. That was not a good time in life to gain wait as it is common for pubescent boys to have enlarged breast for s period of time during puberty, but getting fat simultaneously made a mess.I lost 50 pounds a while ago, gained 15 in muscle, and had abdominoplasty which is another review. Its been over a year and I work out lifting weights with full commitment. My pecs have thickened immensely from exercise and I started working on my back muscles.I had a friend photograph my back so I could track the muscle development and that is when I saw all of the looses flesh on my flanks, backside and down my butt. So I am scheduled for posterior lipectomy (male butt lift) surgery this Friday October 11, 2013; in addition Dr. Williams will remove the glandular tissue and lipo the chest area.I figure if I have worked this hard to build the muscle of the pectoral region I might as well have it look good. The additional cost is $2500.00 since I am combing it with the butt lift (different review).Pictures will post soon. More

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