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Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Williams, MD, kindly accepts all feedback for the work performed at his cosmetic surgery practice. He is known as one of the finest cosmetic surgeons in the Phoenix and North Scottsdale area. Dr. Williams is highly skilled in plastic surgeries of the body, breast, face, neck, skin, and abdomen. Along with his friendly and multi-talented staff, he also performs skin rejuvenation treatments and beauty enhancements. He is a trusted plastic surgeon to many local celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes and their families, and other plastic surgeons in the U.S. Phoenix Magazine has named him as a “Top Doc,” and the Consumer’s Research Council of America honored him as one of the “Top Plastic Surgeons” in plastic surgery. See how current and former patients have the greatest confidence in his procedures, respect the staff, and recommend this award-winning practice. Please read all the reviews about John Williams, MD Plastic Surgery for yourself.

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Review from A.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jun 30, 2012

ABSCAPES: Abdominoplasty for Men - Scottsdale, AZ - One day I was in a lab office getting a blood draw for my doctor who cannot believe that she is taking me off all medications for cholesterol and blood pressure, when there lay a magazine about all of the top doctors in Phoenix. I had already had a consultation with a local plastic surgeon and there is only one in this area. I started researching all of the PS in Arizona on the web, chose 2 days when I would be in Phoenix, and set up appointments.The doctors were all very helpful, and the doctor I chose after thinking about it for a couple weeks was the one who talked to me man to man.I did find it strange that the liposuction clinic said that was the only procedure I needed, but I probably wouldn't be completely satisfied.All of the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons commented on my core muscles and were very clear that abdominoplasty would benefit.Dr John L Williams is calm, straightforward, open minded, and exudes a natural confidence. A few of the nurses commented at the hospital that if they were to undergo a PS procedure, they would use Dr. Williams (I found that bit of info very comforting)!If you schedule a consultation with Dr Williams you will immediately see what I am talking about. He is such a cool guy that his staff have been with him sense he started his practice. - - Just the term Tummy Tuck grossed me out. As soon as I created the new terminology I was more apt to move forward with investigating this procedure. When I heard that only about 6000 men had this procedure last year it made me think, then I looked around at all the dudes and realized they don't seem to care what their gut looks like. two years ago I weighed 225 pounds on a 5'11" frame (52 years old).I hate dieting, even the word annoys me. I saw on some "Dr." TV show that reducing my daily intake by 500 calories and exercising 3 times a week would result in natural weight loss. I identified the 500 calories and went to a local athletic facility. I even changed that terminology from "working out" to "goofing off" 2-3 pounds a month started disappearing. After a little more than a year of nothing drastic I was buying new pants.I was still drinking more than the average bear and decided to get active in a local 12 step group. Without 2000 calories a day from a bottle another 20 pounds literally fell off in a month. I weigh 175 and have maintained this weight for a year now. Since I didn't diet, or do anything drastic the "lifestyle change" stuff doctors and dieticians keep telling me turned out to be true, and permanent.So how I got the idea to consult with a plastic surgeon about my loose belly skin and round abdominal physique behooves me but on the fly I made an appointment. I didn't even know the term tummy tuck at the time. I had heard of this PS office on public radio and went in. The journey thus began from that wow moment, I can look like I did when I was 12 before I became the fat kid!This all started in January of 2012, and now my "abscape" surgery is scheduled for July 19, 2012. I consulted with 8 plastic surgeons and read almost every review on REALSELF. More

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