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John Williams Plastic Surgery offers dermaplaning for Scottsdale, AZ patients desiring nonsurgical skin rejuvenation. This treatment uses a small facial blade to gently scrape the top layers of the skin to initiate new skin growth. This procedure is performed by one of our seasoned aestheticians in a calm, relaxing, tranquil atmosphere. The tip of the blade delicately glides across the face in small strokes, removing vellus (fine facial hair also referred to as "peach fuzz") and surface-level dead skin. The treatment leaves the face feeling soft and free from surface irregularities. Dermaplaning is a popular way to rejuvenate the skin and is often used with some of our most popular treatments such as facials.

Best Candidates

Dermaplaning is suitable for both men and women. It is most commonly used as a "refresher" to remove surface-level issues. If you have active acne, abnormal skin growths, and are prone to sensitive skin, dermaplaning should not be applied to the face. This is a treatment that can be performed throughout the year to attain a softer complexion.

What to Expect

Dermaplaning is performed in one of our comfortable procedure rooms and can usually be completed in a 30-minute appointment. Because this procedure is a noninvasive skin treatment, we will not have to numb your skin. We will cleanse your face thoroughly, and gently glide the blade over the outer layer of your entire facial skin (excluding your eyebrows). During this process, the blade will remove dead skin cells, fine facial hair, and other debris on the skin. Once the dermaplaning process has concluded, a customized facial treatment tailored for your skin can be performed. Every facial treatment is specific to the patient and targets unique skin health concerns. 

Dermaplaning Recovery

Dermaplaning recovery takes place in a matter of hours. Considered an in-depth exfoliation, the skin may appear red and tender for a few hours but within 1-2 days will look and appear fresh and radiant. Sun exposure must be avoided to ensure proper skin healing.

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Strip Away Dead Skin

If you are ready to attain a fresh appearance that looks healthy and free of skin irregularities, we invite you to call our plastic surgery office and schedule an appointment today to learn more about this treatment. We will evaluate your skin tone and determine what type of dermaplaning treatment will work best for you.

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